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The Web Plus server hosting is ideal for people who need more server space, higher bandwidth needs, and/or email accounts. For example, if you expect to get 15,000-80,000 page views per month, this is your Web space package.

Payment Options:

  • $56 per quarter payment (equivalent to $18.66/month) *
  • $192 per year payment (equivalent to $16/month) *

* Paying for 1 year of hosting saves $32 per year for current Web space plan under current pricing.

You Get:

  • Your domain (www.domainname.com): yes
  • Matching e-mail domain address(es) (user@domainname.com): yes
  • 99% Uptime: yes **
  • Burstable Bandwidth: yes
  • Web site backup via Web page interface (done at site owner's discretion): yes
  • Multiple FTP user access: yes
  • Access to Server Logs: yes
  • Web page user interface management system to administer your own:
    • e-mail accounts (add/delete users and change user/password info as needed): yes
    • e-mail forwarding: yes
    • unlimited e-mail aliases forwarding: yes
    • auto-responders forwarding: yes
    • vacation e-mail responders: yes
    • view Web site statistics: yes
    Since it is Web based, you can access this feature from anywhere, at work or at home.
  • POP3 e-mail accounts: 30
  • Mailing lists for newsletters, product updates, etc.: yes
  • Web Server Space: 100Mb
  • CGI/PERL script support: yes
  • SSI (Server Side Includes): yes
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): yes (available upon request) What is this?
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Supported: yes
  • Bandwidth transfer per month included: 5000Mb
  • Additional Bandwidth transfer per month: $4 per each additional 1000Mb block used.
    • 1-1000Mb per month: $4
    • 1001-2000Mb per month: $8
    • 2001-3000Mb per month: $12
    We do not limit the bandwidth used for sites. If your site uses more bandwidth than the amount you prepaid for, you will be billed for the extra bandwidth usage according to the Additional Bandwidth transfer rates.
  • Bulk Rates on Additional Bandwidth transfer: each additional 5000Mb block of bandwidth per month: $15/month
    Bulk rates are to be paid for in advance or to be included in with the normal Web space plan to get this rate
    (Price = months left in payment period x 15 x number of 5000Mb blocks of bandwidth).
  • Each additional 50Mb of Web server space: $10/month
  • Each additional set of 2 POP3 e-mail accounts: $3 (each additional e-mail account comes with 5Mb of server space)
  • Customer Support. ***

** Applicable unless LATE PAYMENT POLICY is in effect or you violate our Web/e-mail server usage policy.

*** Customer support includes ensuring that Web server space and e-mail accounts are functioning to normal parameters, and that customer is able to upload/download files via FTP/MS FrontPage for page updates/creations.

Pricing is subject to change. Change of fees will be reflected upon next billing period.

You (site owner(s)) may backup/restore all necessary Web files for your Web site anytime. The Web-based user interface that comes with each site makes it very easy to perform the necessary backups/restorations. @PAGE does not perform backup/restoration of Web hosting Web sites for clients and cannot be held responsible for loss of data and files. The Web site owner(s) will be responsible for keeping a copy of the backup files in the event your Web site needs to be restored to the server. This gives you (the site owner) the flexibility to make as many backup copies of your Web site as you wish.

Order Web Hosting
If you need Web site design, JavaScript, PERL scripting, etc., our prices are inexpensive and we will do whatever is reasonable and possible to build the site you want.


Web Hosting (Home) Order Hosting UCE, Hosting Policy
Web Standard Hosting Web Plus Hosting Web Corporate Hosting
Web Hosting Package Comparisons

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