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UCE (Spam) Policy:
We will not tolerate willful spamming. If you are found to be sending UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail) via our email server, your account and Web site may be suspended at our discretion and we may impose a fine due to willful sending of UCE.

We have to be strict about spamming practices as this hurts all of us since ISP's will block e-mail coming from our servers. If you have any doubts or questions as to what UCE may be, contact us first before sending anything that could be considered UCE. As always, respect others' rights when they ask that you not send them anymore e-mails whether they be on your mailing lists or during e-mail correspondence.

Report e-mail abuse originating from our mail server to:

Web Site Content Policy:
We do not allow Web content that contains or promotes the following topics/activities: pornography of any kind, satanic material, occult and witchcraft, profanity, hard-core violence, racial and gender discrimination, ethnic discrimination, partial nudity, homosexual/lesbian lifestyles, hate groups and related ideals, various types of adult content, slanderous/libelous content, gambling/paid lotteries, illegal activities/products, instructional material for illegal/destructive, activities and/or products.

If your site promotes immoral views or is NOT child friendly, our services are not for you. If offensive material is discovered on your site, we will ask you to remove it promptly. At our option, we may take an active part in removing the content ourselves or suspending your site until you take the necessary measures to move your site back into compliance with our standards.

Willful disregard to our policies will result in your site being shut down and your account being cancelled. You must agree to these policies or you cannot lease server space from @PAGE Internet Services.

Policies are subject to change or to be added to. You will be responsible for keeping yourself informed of updates regarding our policies.

Hosting Liability Policy:
@PAGE is defined as the company named @PAGE Internet Services and the owner(s) of @PAGE Internet Services.

Client is defined as the entity purchasing services and/or hosting space.

Web Hosting Account is defined as your allotted Web server space, e-mail account allotment, FTP access via your user account(s), and other included Web hosting services as outlined in our Web hosting packages.

@PAGE cannot be held liable by the Client for any losses resulting in the use of our services because of server down time or any other interruptions in service.

Client may be due a refund upon cancellation. Client may cancel his/her Web hosting account without penalty due to extended periods of downtime. Extended periods of downtime is defined as one or more of the following:

  • Web Server is disabled for more than 48 consecutive hours causing the Client's Web hosting account to not serve his/her Web pages to their Web site visitors.
  • Client's e-mail account(s) are inaccessible due to e-mail server being disabled for more than 48 consecutive hours.
  • Client's FTP access is disabled on the server end for more than 48 consecutive hours.
  • Client will NOT be eligible for refund if Client's Web hosting account is disabled due to violation of our UCE (spam) policy and/or Web site content policy.
  • Web hosting accounts that are cancelled NOT due to extended periods of downtime may be eligible for part of the remaining time paid for. The amount of refund will be calculated by subtracting $50 from the prorated amount paid for remaining time.

    Example: Client signs up for the Web Standard account and pays the prorated annual fee. Client cancels the account on March 1 but has paid the Web hosting account through December 31. The prorated amount left would be $90. The amount of refund would be $40 ($90 - $50 early cancellation fee = $40).
  • If the $50 early cancellation fee is more than the prorated amount left, then no refund is due.

The amount of refund will be equal to the hosting period prorated from the date of cancellation notice up to the end of the hosting period that was paid for and is to be refunded to the Client due to extended periods of downtime upon the Client's request. The Client must request the refund before being paid the refund.

We will do our best to help you out where we can and support you on server issues to make your hosting experience pleasant.

We may from time to time keep you informed of our operations and other issues that need to be covered by sending you periodic e-mail updates.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Web Hosting (Home) Order Hosting UCE, Hosting Policy
Web Standard Hosting Web Plus Hosting Web Corporate Hosting
Web Hosting Package Comparisons

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