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Privacy Statement
@PAGE gives full respect for all your confidential contact information and other sensitive information. We do not give away or sell any information to third parties or associates regarding your name, phone numbers, addresses, and other sensitive information. Your information will only be used to accomplish the necessary task that is called for.

All Trademarks are owned by either @PAGE Internet Services or the respective company mentioned or advertised on our Web site. @PAGE™ is a trademark belonging to @PAGE Internet Services.

No information found on this site shall be copied in whole or in part unless authorization is provided by @PAGE or the respective company in which the written material is from. Page layout and graphics are not to be used without permission from @PAGE Internet Services.

The science of Web site development can be an unpredictable advertising medium mainly due to rapidly changing technologies. It is difficult to predict how a site will perform once it is placed on the net. Search engines change there ranking rules. Sites that provide reciprocal links disappear. Many other variables can affect how a site will do. We'll do everything we can within reasonable measures to help you to be successful on the Internet.

Because the Web tends to alter course rather frequently, you can expect that certain parameters, such as site visibility and visitor counts, will fluctuate which is a common occurrence on the Internet. We're not saying that you should expect constant erratic changes in the way your site performs, but that you will see variations at different times with your visitor response.

It does have many pluses which include more user interactivity, flexibility, and function that cannot be met by the more traditional means of advertisement. We hope to make your Internet experience a pleasant one. We certainly are committed to doing our part in making your online venture a success.

Our Appreciation

We thank our clientele for the opportunity to serve them. We will strive to support them in the best way to make each one successful on the Internet.


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